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Residencia Miramar, Siargao

A Short History

It all began as a bit of a joke. From our balcony in General Luna, Siargao, we watched large groups of tourists go surfing with a nearby resort. Seemed to us some of them might prefer a more localised, private experience that they were getting. I mean who wants to go surfing with 15 others, plus three wave hungry local instructors. As a result we listed our “Pacific Views” house on Airbnb in 2014, but not expecting anything much. However, two days later we got our first booking from an Alaskan named Chad, who surprisingly loved the experience we provided. He was the first of so many visitors. The incredible run of bookings inspired us to construct a second unit, “Pacific Cabin”, a year later. Four years later and Residencia Miramar is still going strong.

Residencia Miramar – Pacific Views

Recently renovated from a traditional Philippine house into an apartment-style property, Pacific Views features a wide balcony and large 613 square foot open plan space on the first floor with two beds (one double, one single), two electric fans, an L-shaped sofa, a wardrobe, and basic bamboo furniture. On the ground floor is a private entrance, storage area, staircase, and a private bathroom with a hot shower, sink, and flush toilet. You can cook yourself in our communal dining/kitchen area or dine in many cheap local restaurants (all walking distance). Alternatively, take a tricycle/motorcycle to Cloud 9, just 3km away, for more upmarket dining options.

Residencia Miramar – Pacific Cabin

A rustic, basic, two storey native-style hut with beautiful sea views. The hut is native, wooden & compact. It features a double bed and a small balcony with a hammock on the first floor, and a single bed with a basic bathroom on the ground floor. The bathroom is basic, with two large buckets which we fill twice daily for showering and toilet flushing. Pacific Cabin is an ideal place for more adventurous travelers who like staying in a cheap place to experience local-style living. If you’re a bit fussy, choose somewhere more upmarket. It’s situated in the same garden as Pacific Views, so again you can cook yourself or eat at nearby eateries and restaurants.

Residencia Miramar Tours

Bebet, our brother, works with us to provide anytime island-hopping, fishing and surf tours where you’ll be the only one on the boat. When you check in, you’ll be given a list of boat tours which are available anytime. This means you can get up at first light and be the first one relaxing on Guyam Island’s beach or surfing Daco’s long waves.

The 3 island classic tour is a must, and if you want even more adventure go further to Casulian Island. Alternatively, hire a motorcycle and explore Pacifico, Sugba or San Benito under your own steam.


A selection of five taken from 60 verified reviews on our Residencia Miramar Pacific Cabin and Pacific Views Airbnb listings.

[Pacific Views, October 2017, Christal] “The place is awesome! Cozy Architectural Design & Big space can fit for a family of 4-6. The veranda with hammock is the best place to relax or just hang out from a day’s adventure. Fresh air blowing from the beach. The caretakers are very accommodating and they offer surf lessons and island hopping for the visitors.”

[Pacific Views, January 2015, Dannielle] “We were very sad to leave Miras and Mart’s place and will miss their warmth, smiling faces so early in the morning and great conversations between sets of waves. It’s hard to leave paradise, especially when it feels like a home away from home.”

[Pacific Views, April 2014, Mads] “Mart and Miras’s place was absolutely amazing! The wonderful hosts really made sure that we had everything we needed. The cottage was beautiful with a really nice upper balcony that is perfect for hanging out and reading in the hammock. Also, the range of services provided at a really low cost like the motorbike, surfboard and stand-up paddle board rentals were great. Mirasol’s brother, Bebet, would take us out on his boat whenever we wanted to surf or visit the surroundings and he was very helpful. The hosts also offered to cook for us for a really cheap price; best pancakes we ever had!!! We couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay. We hope to go back there soon!!!”

[Pacific Cabin, July 2017, Emmiina] “Cheerful native accommodation, nice sea view! Great value for the price. Hosts were super helpful and friendly. Felt like being home!”

[Pacific Cabin, July 2016, Dasha] “I had probably the best 2 weeks in my life staying at the Pacific Cabin, waking up every morning and chilling in the hammock on the balcony overlooking the ocean…can’t think of anything better! Grace and Bebet (who is also a great surf teacher) were very helpful and were always there in case I needed anything'”

Why Stay with Us?

An antithesis to the reggae party style surf resorts in General Luna, we offer a more personalised, private experience than elsewhere. While both units are only fan-cooled, the island really isn’t that hot and you’ll be minimising your carbon footprint. Stay with us for a truly local experience, you won’t regret it.


  1. Hi guys, it's nice we also have a rental property in Cebu... so is your rental property near the ocean? Are you a surf instructor Mart?

    1. April, we’d love to check out your rental property one day. Is it a long term rental unit or is daily possible? Yes, we’re very close to the sea but a corporation has just purchased the land in front of our house for $5 million so we’re unsure whether, post development, we’ll retain an ocean view. I’ve done surf instruction in U.K. and Siargao for friends only, but I’m not a qualified instructor.


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