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About Rafsworld

Rafsworld documents an unfolding family dream to show a young boy the world. That family is us! We are Mirasol (Philippines), Mart (Britain) and Rafael (Phil-Brit). From the moment Rafael was born in 2010, he became our world and the world became his to explore.

Soon after his birth, we looked for a lifestyle to keep us together and traveling a lot too. As a result, we now live in three worlds: at our home on Siargao Island, in an apartment in NE Saudi, and with family in Norfolk, UK. Our longer term plan is to leave Saudi Arabia forever, travel across the world and develop our Airbnb business in the Philippines. Read more about each of us below.

The main purpose of Rafsworld is to inspire adventurous travel among families across the world. It offers a mixture of itineraries, reviews, destination guides and unique lifestyle articles.

About Miras

Miras was born and raised on Siargao Island, Philippines. She worked as a nanny in Manila for several years, then married Mart in 2003 and moved to England in 2004. She worked there for five years and traveled across the world to obscure countries like Liberia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, UAE, Portugal, Spain, Indonesia and East Timor. The highlight of her life by far is the birth of our son Rafael in 2010.

You can watch a 3 minute film about Miras’ pre-family adventures below.

About Raf

Rafael came into the world on a beautiful Siargao morning in 2010. A veteran of 13 countries, Raf is ready to conquer the earth with his incredibly positive outlook on life.

You can watch a two minute film about some of Raf’s adventures below:

About Mart

Forty-four years ago, Mart was born into a British Royal Air Force family. Since birth, he has never lived in one place for more than four years. His love of surfing has inspired two decades of travel to forty-one countries in Asia, Americas, Africa and the Middle East. He is currently teaching English in Saudi Arabia and saving money to fund further global, family adventures.

You can watch a 15 minute film about Mart’s pre-family surf adventures below:


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