The Ultimate Siargao Food Guide: 16 Fantastic Places to Eat in General Luna and Cloud 9

Knowing Siargao Island’s restaurant scene inside out, we share below our 16 favourite culinary hotspots in the increasingly popular General Luna, Cloud 9 and Malinao areas. From fine to fun dining in General Luna’s roadside hotspots and super popular barbecues and eateries halfway between GL and C9 to some more upmarket restaurants near Cloud 9 itself, our ultimate guide to the best restaurants on the island introduces the dining spots you definitely shouldn't miss during your Siargao vacation.

Join us on a whirlwind tour around Siargao’s best restaurants with unique menus, simple native interiors, and friendly service making the island a culinary destination alongside its reputation as a surfer's paradise!

General Luna

La Carinderia

Cuisine: Filipino and Italian fusion
Address: Tourist Road, Purok 5, General Luna
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 10pm
Prices: Main courses P280-490 pesos

Step into the world of Filipino-Italian fusion with La Carinderia's unpretentious roadside restaurant right next door to Fat Lips Surf Shop. A hip soundtrack is enough to drown out the buzz of busy tourist road and allow you to enjoy a contemporary dining experience, albeit in a rustic setting - if you're unlucky a dog might wander in or a cat!

Don't hesitate to choose their best sellers: fried zuccini balls (pictured directly above) for starter and slow-cooked seafood hot pot (Guazzetto Di Pesce - pictured at the top of the blog) for main course. Pair it with a glass of house red; it's perfectly drinkable and won't set you back a fortune. Alternatively, check out the specials board; they might be cooking something Filipino, Italian or a mixture of both. 


Cuisine: Thai
Address: Tourist Road, Between General Luna and Catangnan
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 10pm
Prices: Main courses P250-300 pesos
Social: Facebook/Instagram

Set in a laid back, open air bar space, Buddha's is the go-to place for authentic Thai cuisine. From spicy soups and colourful curries to perfectly cooked Pad Thai noodles, your taste buds will definitely be enlivened by an evening out here. The well-trained staff will be more than happy to serve you beer or wine to wash it all down.

If you feel like sticking around, go upstairs to the bar to shoot some pool, drink a lot of beer and chat to the hip surfer crowd about the best place to catch a good ride the next day.

Altrove Trattoria Siargao

Cuisine: Italian pizza and pasta
Address: Tourist Road, Purok 3, General Luna
Opening Hours: Daily 5pm - 10pm
Prices: Main courses P300-450 pesos
Social: Facebook/Instagram

Escape to Italy with an authentic Italian food and wine experience all set within beautifully tropical interiors that really come alive at night. Altrove Trattoria offers some of the best homemade Italian food on Siargao Island including a mouth-watering choice of wood-oven pizzas and a delicious range of homemade pasta.

It often attracts a crowd an hour after dark, so get here early or you might have to wait for a table. It's the perfect choice for a romantic date or a family get together. And don't forget to try a glass (or bottle of wine); they have an amazing selection.

Kermit Siargao 

Cuisine: Pizza and pasta
Address: Back Road, Purok 5, General Luna
Opening Hours: 11am - 2pm and 5pm - 10pm
Prices: Main courses P350-500 pesos
Social: Facebook/Instagram

Step into this large airy space set within one of Siargao's most successful resorts: Kermit Siargao. Be instantly inspired by the huge tropical plants, high ceiling, hard wood tables and island-style setting. Kermit's kitchen is dedicated to a range of delicious woodfire pizzas and fresh pasta, which has built such a reputation amongst Manila's well-heeled travellers that it recently expanded its operations to a branch in Poblacion, Makati.

Kermit's rustic vibe creates the perfect atmosphere for a group dinner or pre-party food for the super cool surfer crowd. Its popularity every night of the week means you're almost guaranteed to queue for your pizza, but surely it's worth it for an instagram-worthy story or boomerang that'll make your friends wish they were there!

CEV Siargao

Cusine: Ceviche and kinilaw
Address: Loose Keys Moto Culture, Tourist Road, Purok 5, General Luna
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 9pm
Prices: Main courses P280-320 pesos
Social: Facebook/Instagram

CEV Siargao is the first restaurant in the Philippines dedicated to serving fresh fish cooked only by the power of vinegar or lemon juice. Sharing space with super cool Loose Keys Bar, CEV Siargao is the ideal spot for a carefully crafted, visually appealing, super healthy lunch or dinner, which comes out at lightening speed compared to the somewhat slower service elsewhere.

The daily catch is chopped into fine cuts of raw fish and complemented by a diverse range of spices, vegetables, crunchy chips and rice. If you're not familiar with kinelaw or ceviche, think sushi with a Filipino or South American twist. Partner your spicy dish with a ice-cold beer to cool your mouth down a bit between bites.


Cuisine: Indonesian
Address: Tourist Road, Between General Luna and Catangnan
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 10pm
Prices: Main courses P250-350 pesos
Social: Instagram

Explore the spices of Indonesia at Warung Restaurant - part of the beautiful Siargao Island Villa complex. The restaurant combines the abundance of Indonesian flavours with super stylish interiors. It's a well-curated space consisting of rock decorations, high ceilings, and rustic sand floors.

Warung offers all the classic Indo dishes like mie goreng, nasi goreng, chicken satay, and nasi campur alongside green, ginger and honey teas or a cold beer. It's reminiscent of a pretty good restaurant on Poppies II, Bali, and well worth a visit if you're looking for a reminder of Indonesia whilst in the Philippines.

Mama's Grill

Cuisine: Filipino-style grill
Address: Tourist Road, Between General Luna and Catangnan
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 10pm
Prices: Main courses P95-200 pesos
Social: Facebook/Instagram

Mama's Grill is undoubtedly Siargao's most popular restaurant, especially with the increasing number of domestic Filipino tourists who visit the island. Surrounded by barbed wire on one side and a noisy road on the other, it doesn't pretend to be anything other than what is it: a great Filipino grill. But what it lacks in ambience, it makes up for in simplicity, swift service and a friendly, local vibe.

Premium cuts of Filipino meat, seafood and fish are complimented by a delicious sweet or spicy sauce. Grilled vegetables are an option too. Expect no elaborate printed menu as you order by pointing at displays of uncooked food just before you sit down. Their wine selection isn't the best, so sticking to San Miguel beer might be the best idea. Get their early or you might have to wait a while for your feast!

White Beard Coffee

Cuisine: Coffee shop
Address: Purok 1, General Luna
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 10pm
Prices: Main courses P100 - P150 pesos
Social: Facebook/Instagram

More than just a coffee shop, White Beard is for anyone who wants to enjoy the best coffee on the island and fill up on an assortment of delicious snacks and sandwiches. Trained in Singapore, the owner prepares superb barista-style hot and cold coffee at a fairly quiet roadside setting one block away from the Municipal Council Building in the heart of Purok 1, General Luna. 

If you want more than just a drink, try their signature cinnamon swirl rolls or a ham and egg croissant. Alternatively, if you're feeling pretty hungry, order a breakfast (buttermilk waffle, eggs, and Hungarian sausage) - it'll definitely fill you up ready for a morning surf or island-hop.

Siargao Corner Cafe

Cuisine: Coffee shop
Address: Purok 3, Tourist Road, General Luna
Opening Hours: Daily 8am - 7pm
Prices: Main courses P100 - P150 pesos
Social: Facebook/Instagram

Perfectly located in the heart of Siargao's surfers scene on tourist road, Corner Cafe is an ideal spot to sip some coffee, make new friends or just catch the General Luna vibe. Formerly based in Dubai, the extremely friendly owners prepare lovely teas, awesome hot and cold coffee etc and are a good source of tourist information too.

If you're hungry, don't hesitate to try one of their delicious waffles - the peanut butter and banana one is amazing! You can eat downstairs, but you'll get a better view from their first floor open area where they have some unique historical pictures from bygone days before Siargao's tourist heyday.

Kitya's Place

Cuisine: Pizza
Address: Purok 3, Tourist Road, General Luna
Opening Hours: Daily 8am - 11pm (dinner)
Prices: Main courses P250-400 pesos
Social: Facebook/Instagram

It's time to step out of the surf and walk straight into Kitya's tropically simple restaurant and bar. The setting inspires you to embrace a slower pace of life, look into the trees and watch the local staff put together an array of dishes in a unique open-air kitchen. Offering an eclectic menu which conflates a variety of flavours and influences from across the world, meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans will definitely find something to enjoy in a restaurant embracing the diversity of a fast changing Siargao.

Located right next to the jumping off point for missions out to Cemetaries reef (one of the island's mellowest surf breaks), it's the perfect spot to have a quick pre-surf breakfast or a more substantial post-surf dinner. While the owner isn't a Siargao native, she's been around long enough to tell you a story or two about the history of a booming island. Furthermore, she regularly puts on parties, reggae nights and other live music - check the restaurant's social pages for more information.

Cloud 9, Catangnan

Kawayan Siargao Resort

Cuisine: French and International
Address: Tourist Road, Catangnan
Opening Hours: Dinner 7 - 10pm
Prices: Main courses P380-650 pesos
Social: Facebook/Instagram

Kawayan means 'bamboo' but there isn't any sign of it on the floors and ceiling of the resort's cutting edge restaurant. It's a large space, built in local hard wood, offering a sophisticated yet relaxed fine dining experience. Impressive culinary skills of French chef owner David has brought a taste of France and the world to the shores of Siargao Island. 

Dishes are prepared with fresh seasonal produce and combine the likes of French, Moroccan, Japanese and Asian cuisine. Pair your delightful meal with a glass of French red wine or European beer. Sit back and enjoy one of the best dining experiences the island has to offer surrounded by the sounds of the jungle. If you're here in the morning, don't miss their bakery, Kawayan Gourmand, for a luxury pastry and coffee.

CFC Restobar

Cuisine: Fast Food, Fried Chicken
Address: Back Road, Catangnan, Cloud 9
Opening Hours: Daily 10.30am - 9.30pm
Prices: Main courses P160-220 pesos
Social: Facebook/Instagram

CFC stands for Catangnan Fried Chicken but actually offers a whole lot more than chicken. Situated within the heart of Catangnan village, pretty close to Cloud 9 itself, you'll feel the spirit of surfing here more than in General Luna. For post-surf meals, this simple roadside restaurant offers hefty servings of Aussie-style burgers, fried fish, squid and chicken alongside nachos, fries and wraps.

Naturally, local beers are available, but if you're pursuing a healthy lifestyle or want an early morning surf then choose a fresh fruit juice or a milk shake.

Lamari Siargao

Cuisine: International Cuisine
Address: Tourist Road, Catangnan, Cloud 9
Opening Hours: Dinner 7 - 10pm
Prices: Main courses P380-450 pesos
Social: Facebook

Definitely the latest place to be seen on Siargao Island, Lamari's gorgeous poolside setting and high ceiling open plan style attracts a super cool, pretentious crowd keen to enjoy the never ending sounds of the resident DJ. Although the loud volume restricts the chance for a quiet conversation, most of the patrons are too busy updating their Instagram stories to actually talk to someone.

Lamari's restaurant offers a good range of international food options. Order their delicious burger with fries if you're feeling hungry or a beautifully presented seafood dish if you're content with small, aesthetically-pleasing portions. Service is quick, efficient and friendly, and prices are fair for such a great ambiance.

Apsaras Tribe Siargao

Cuisine: International and Asian
Address: Tourist Road, Catangnan
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 10pm
Prices: Main courses P250-450 pesos
Social: Instagram

Apsaras Tribe's Lighthouse House restaurant draws you in with its bold exterior lights and highly developed resort entrance. Once inside, the restaurant itself has a slightly industrial feel with man-made metallic interiors and adjoining passageways which overlook their amazing pool area.

While the restaurant has a fairly decent all-day dining menu, service is somewhat slow and the taste just average if you order from it. However, if you turn up for one of their buffets you'll see this is where their specialization lies: putting together an array of European and Pinoy dishes for a very reasonable price. Drinks aren't included in the buffet price, but you can order service water for free or try one of their delicious fresh juices or cocktails.

Shaka Siargao

Cuisine: Café with smoothies, juices and power bowls
Address: Tourist Road, Cloud 9, Catangnan
Opening Hours: Daily 8am - 8pm
Prices: Main courses P250 pesos
Social: Facebook

Shaka Siargao's combination of extremely instagrammable smoothies, coffees, juices and power bowls alongside its unbeatable beach front location with swings and bean bags, makes it the daytime favourite of the cool, chic crowd currently descending upon the island in ever larger numbers.

If you want to stay healthy, Shaka is definitely the place for you. Utilising fresh ingregients and creative style, you can devour super filling bowls of fruit, oatmeal and more while watching the powerful waves of Cloud 9 explode in front of you.


JT's Manukan Grille Siargao

Cuisine: Filipino Grill
Address: Tourism Road, Malinao
Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 9pm
Prices: Main courses P100-250 pesos
Social: Facebook/Instagram

JT's Manukan Grille might be a new kid on the block on Siargao Island, but it's actually a well-established chain of restaurants across the country owned by film star Joel Torre and his wife Cristy. In complete contrast to super popular Mama's Grill, JT's Manukan Grille has probably the best road side location on the island: along tourist road on the way to Malinao. Browse the menu in relative peace looking across a vacant lot, with the sea and islands on the distant horizon, and get served by well-trained staff who will actually tell you how long your food is going to take.

Delicious slabs of chicken and pork, soups, and vegetarian sides are all cooked in flavours from Bacolod in Negros. While it might be a chain restaurant, it's definitely the best Filipino barbecue place on the whole island. They don't have any wine, so stick to San Miguel beer or try one of their amazing fruit shakes. Go there late in the afternoon to enjoy the sea view and relatively peaceful ambiance - a rarity on the island these days!


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