Amazing Family Budget Resort below Krabi’s Cliffs in Thailand

Are you looking for a resort for you and your family in Krabi, Thailand? Do you all like wildlife, cliffs and jungly trees? Can you sleep with the whir of an electric fan rather than the wail of environmentally unfriendly air-conditioning? Would you prefer change from US$20 per night including breakfast? If the answers are yes, then look no further than the Aonong Cliff View Resort in Krabi.

Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai

After a long overnight train ride from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai and a swift van transfer to Krabi, we checked into a white hut on stilts at the Ao Nang Cliff View Resort. We had booked our four night stay at the resort a few weeks earlier. We wondered whether the pictures and description of the facilities, buffet breakfast and swimming pool could really be true given the extraordinarily low price, but decided to book anyway as price considerations always rule decision-making on our annual visa runs out of the Philippines. In the days that followed, the resort really made an incredible impression on us all for its unbeatable value, large buffet breakfast, jungle setting, beautiful swimming pool, helpful staff, and idyllic location.

Jungle Setting

The most unique feature of the Ao Nang Cliff View Resort is the stunning setting that feels (and sounds) like a tropical jungle. Our son absolutely loved the peacocks and other birdlife which freely wander around the grounds. The resort makes a real effort to maintain a huge variety of plants and trees which gives every corner of the property a green, tropical appearance. Whilst the resort is a few kilometres from the main coastal strip, they offer a free shuttle to Ao Nang beach and scooter rental is extremely cheap if you prefer independent transport.

Scrumptious Breakfast

The resort’s restaurant is situated right in the middle of the property. Breakfast is unbelievably included in the room rate and, unlike many mid to high range places, they allow children to eat for free even when the room is for two. The peacocks kept our 4 year old son perfectly occupied during breakfast when he finished the buffet far more quickly than my wife and I, who were keen to fill up on the fresh fruit, eggs, cereal, milk and freshly made chicken curry. It might sound odd to have chicken curry and rice on a menu at breakfast, but the perfectly cooked strips of chicken breast brought us back time and time again. In fact, the breakfast was so delicious we sometimes dined at the resort’s restaurant for other snacks and meals, all of which were scrumptious and superb value for money. 

Superb Value

For anyone who prefers a bit more luxury than a US$18 fan room, the resort offers a wide variety of more upmarket accommodation all of which have air conditioning. That’s what’s so great about Ao Nang Cliff View Resort: they cater for all budgets and tastes. So many resorts across Asia chase the mid-range travellers and no longer offer a basic, private room for those who can do without the luxuries but don’t want a hostel. You can check their rates here as prices vary widely depending on both accommodation type and season. 

Ao Nang Cliff View Resort Wrap-up

In conclusion, this resort provides incredible value for money for travellers keen to pay a super low price to stay in a mid-range resort with a pool and buffet breakfast. If you’re a bit choosier, then select their upmarket options or a different resort entirely, especially if you prefer a sea view rather than a jungle and cliff one.

Follow in our footsteps

Book the Ao Nang Cliff View Hotel on Agoda, or the resort’s own website.


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