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A Photoshoot with Nikola Ancevski in Santorini, Greece

Like many parents who usually stand behind the lens, I don't necessarily want to be missing from every family photograph. Of course, there are always cheap options like using a tripod and timer or settling for cellphone selfies, but image quality is never quite good enough for me. Seems to me, if you really want to document your family adventures in a professional and enduring way, you need a dedicated travel photographer for at least an hour on every holiday – and that's what we decided to do when we booked Nikola Ancevski in Santorini, Greece. About Nikola Nikola was born in France in 1985 and discovered his passion for photography while travelling in Australia in 2008. While he studied graphic design & IT at school, he swiftly realized the office life wasn't for him and began to focus on photography as a means to finance a life on the road. Travel brought him to Santorini in 2016, where he met his wife and settled down to raise his daughter Tokio. He's been shoo

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