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Experience Dinagat Island's Raw Beauty Before It Changes Forever

Would you like to visit some of the world's most beautiful tropical islands? Is exploring lesser-known parts of the Philippines on your bucket list? Have you ever dreamed about swimming in a turquoise lake surrounded by wild jungle? Do you want to know more about island-hopping around Dinagat's islands? How about getting some restaurant and hotel recommendations for the area too? If so, read all about our three-day whistle-stop exploration of Dinagat's islands to help plan your own escape to these unbelievable hidden treasures.
Raw BeautyWhile a number of western and domestic tourists visit Siargao and Camiguin in Northern Mindanao, very few venture to Dinagat. Limited infrastructure, lack of viral coverage on Instagram and restricted transport links don't do the island's tourist potential any favours. But if you want to truly get off the beaten path, Dinagat is the ideal destination. One day, when tourism has destroyed the rest of the world, the Shangri-La chain m…

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