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A Tale of Two Cities: Professional Hair & Make Up and Photography in Egypt

Would you like to book a professional family photography shoot in Egypt? How about getting a few boudoir and couple images too? Do you want to know the best way to arrange professional make up in Cairo and Alexandria? Would some make up artist, hairdresser and photographer recommendations be helpful too? If so, read this blog post detailing our pursuit of the perfect Instagram image in Egypt.
Is Professional Hair & Make Up and Photography really worth it? Only you can decide whether it's worth taking time out of your Egyptian itinerary to pose for family photographs. While cell phone cameras are improving every year, and selfie sticks and self-timers allow families to take brilliant pictures of themselves, the results of a few hours with an experienced photographer will be much better. Furthermore, the affordable nature of professional photography in Egypt, and the existence of myriad stunning locations, makes it an ideal place to have a photo shoot. If you decide to go for i…

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