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Lake Poneas, Mesmerising Islands, and Beaches near San Benito, Northwest Siargao

Would you like to experience something off the well-beaten tourist path on Siargao Island? Do you want to swim in some of the clearest seas in the whole world? Is hiking to a unique lake in the middle of an island appealing to you? How about scouring the coastline in search of sand bars for amazing aerial drone photographs. Well look no further than the northwest coast of Siargao, where the small village of San Benito provides easy access to all this and more. While a number of Siargao tourists go on island-hopping excursions along its eastern seaboard, very few travelers make it beyond Sugba lagoons on the west side. They really should. The far northwest has mesmorising beaches, beautiful islands and a lake which surpass the quality of the island’s current hotspots. Go there now, before the tourist crowds change the area forever. First Exploration of San BenitoTwenty two years ago, in 1997, I stumbled upon Siargao Island in search of pristine waves and cheap living. Over the years th…

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